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Higher Grade Design and Manufacture

The Course has two main areas of study, namely;

In addition to the units, pupils are excepted to undertake an course assignment which allows pupils to display competence in the learning which has taken place in the areas above. This will take the form of a design folio for a product which the SQA issue in November. The course assignment is worth 53% of the Higher Award.

Click on one the headings below to see a list of power point presentations on the chosen subject. These presentations can be downloaded or viewed online.




Introduction and Acknowledgements

CAD/CAM Production Methods

Design Issues


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Design Factors

An Introduction to Design Factors (new)

Aesthetics (new)

Market (new)

Performance and Safety (new)

Design Knowledge

The Design Team (new)

Design Process (new)

Design Brief (new)

Design Specification (new)

Design Specification - Task (new)

Research and Specification - Practice assignment (new)

Just in Time (new)

Idea Generation Techniques (new)

Manufacturing Systems (new)

CAD, CAM and CIM (new)

Product Lifecycle (new)


The link below will allow you to download SQA Past Papers from 2015 to 2019. These should be used to revise for the prelim in January and SQA exam in May.

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Higher Design and Manufacture Paper 2015

Marking Instructions2015

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Marking Instructions2016

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