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Advanced Higher Grade Graphic Communication

The Course is comprised of two units, namely;

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Technical Graphics CVMG

Technical Graphics

Candidates develop creativity and evaluation skills in technical graphics through manual and electronic-based communication activities.

They explore the purpose, application and audience requirements of technical graphics and apply graphic communication skills, knowledge and understanding to plan, produce and evaluate technical graphic techniques and technologies. They also explore the use of detailed 2D and 3D graphics in modelling, graphic visualisation and technical/mechanical animation.

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Commercial and Visual Media Graphics

Candidates develop skills and techniques to create effective commercial and visual media graphic communications and explore their application in publishing and promotion. Graphic design work is iterative. Candidates review, evaluate, amend and present their work, and develop a deep understanding of the needs of the intended audience.



The link below will allow you to download SQA Past Papers from 2018 and 2023. These should be used to revise for the prelim in January and SQA exam in May.

Higher Graphic Communication Paper 2018

Higher Graphic Communication Paper 2019

Marking Instructions 2018

Marking Instructions 2019

Course Notes

Notes Pages 1-36

Notes Pages 37-66

Higher Graphic Communication Paper 2017

Marking Instructions 2017

Higher Graphic Communication Paper 2022

Higher Graphic Communication Paper 2023

Marking Instructions 2022

Marking Instructions 2023

01. Graphic types & techniques 1 - Audiences, purpose and benefits.pptx 04. DTP File Types.pptx 10. Technical Graphics - Creators and Users.pptx 11. Technical Graphic File Formats.pptx 18. CAD Boolean Functions.pptx 21. Simulation FEA and CFD.pptx 23. Computer Aided Illustration.pptx 24. CAD 3D Modelling Techniques.pptx 26. Drawing Standards Protocols and Conventions.pptx 27. 3D Printing.pptx 19. Built environment - Creators and Users.pptx 20. Built environment - Planning drawing.pptx 02. DTP Benefits.pptx 03. Commercial and visual media - Common elements.pptx 04. DTP File Types.pptx 05. Graphic types & techniques 2 - Promotion.pptx 06. Digital Visual media Animation.pptx 07. DTP Printing Technologies.pptx 08. DTP Printing Technologies Colour Systems.pptx 09. DTP Printing Terms.pptx 22. Colour System and Printing Processes.pptx 25. Design Elements and Principles.pptx