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Higher Grade Graphic Communication

The Course is comprised of two units, namely:

In addition to the units above, pupils will undertake a Course Assignment.

The Assignment in the Higher Course is worth 36% of the course award in the subject.

Click on one of the headings below to see a list of power point presentations on the chosen subject. These presentations can be downloaded or viewed online.





Measured Perspective


3D and Pictorial Graphic Communication

3D and Pictorial 2D Graphics Computer Graphics

In this unit of the course, pupils are taught how to draw a range of  pictorial and geometric drawings.

2D Graphic Communication

In this unit of the course, pupils are taught how to draw sectioned and building drawings.

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Auxiliary Plans

3 P’s

Auxiliary Elevations


Building Drawings (new)

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Computer Graphics

Computer Graphics is an integral element of both the 2D and 3D and Pictorial units. Pupils will further their knowledge of CAD and Desk Top Publishing from National 5; in particular in 3D modelling where they will learn more advanced modelling techniques.

Computer Software

Layers in CAD

3D Modelling


Animation and Simulation

DTP Terms

A to Z of DTP

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Course Assignment

The course assignment in Higher Graphic Communication is worth 36% of the course award. The assignment is set by the SQA and is taken under exam conditions in the classroom over 8 hours.

The Course Assignment is designed to allow candidates to study in greater depth the 3 P’s; preliminary, production and promotional graphics.

Below is an example to a thematic presentation produced by a pupil from session 2010/11.

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The link below will allow you to download SQA Past Papers from 2015 to 2019. These should be used to revise for the prelim in January and SQA exam in May.

Higher Graphic Communication Paper 2015

SQA Standards and Conventions Document

January 2019 Prelim Revision Topics

Design Elements

Design Principles

Higher Graphic Communication Paper 2016

Higher Graphic Communication Paper 2017

Higher Graphic Communication Paper 2018

Dimensional Tolerances (new)

Printing Processes (new)

3D Modelling  Techniques (new)

Higher Graphic Communication Paper 2019

Marking Instructions 2015

Marking Instructions 2016

Marking Instructions 2017

Marking Instructions 2018

Marking Instructions 2019

Revision Booklet